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November Floods


5th January 2013

As most will be aware, the tremendously heavy rainfall on Wednesday 21st November caused flooding in the village - particularly affecting the lowest area around the Triangle. Several households were affected - along with the school which was closed for over a week whilst temporary facilties were installed to enable repair work to be carried out.


The main problem appears to already saturated ground causing rain to run from higher surrounding areas - and bringing with it the fallen autumn leaves and other debris -thereby blocking drains and the culvert opposite the Triangle. Roadside drainage ditches overflowed and the area around the Triangle was submerged.


Since the flooding, the Local Authority has carried out a thorough cleaning of the drains in the area. We have also arranged for Sedgemoor District Council to carry out an inspection of the watercourse taking water away from the culvert northwards along the Valley between Middle Road and Bell Lane. The result of this inspection will determine what, if any, additional action is required.


The inspection will require entry onto the private land of some residents through whose grounds the watercourse flows. Those concerned will be contacted beforehand.


In the meantime, all residents are reminded of their legal riperion responsibilities for ensuring that any watercourse running across their property is kept in good condition and able to run freely. It is also in the interest of all to ensure that public drains and culverts are kept clear of leaves and any other blockages.


A selection of photos from the floods appear on the left.

Koran by Culvert
From School (Joe on Canoe)
School from Church Entrance
From School to Culvert
School Kitchen
School Playground Entrance
School Cloakroom

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