Cossington Parish Council

Following video camera surveys commissioned by Somerset County Council, Wessex Water are finalising plans to start work on repositioning the mains water pipe which runs through the culvert under Middle Road, just opposite the school.


The pipe's position makes this part of the culvert particularly susceptible to blockages - and is believed to be the main reason behind the flooding in November 2012.


The work is significant and there may be some traffic restrictions and diversion around the triangle as it takes place - perhaps lasting a week or more. Details aer currently being finalised - but this work is expected to start in the week commencing 15th September.


Before the work is carried is carried out, the large beech tree on the green opposite the school needs to be removed. This tree has been found to be in a very bad state of health due to the fungus at its base and is starting to show worrying signs of tilt. Removal would therefore be necessary in any case for reasons of safety. Particular specialist care needs to be taken in its removal as examinations have shown that there is a high likelihood of bats nesting within the tree's rotting centre. The tree removal is scheduled for 3rd September. We are hoping to replace it with a winter-flowering cherry - chosen to limit the chance of any interference with the culvert and overhead cables as it matures.


The majority of the work is being funded by Wessex Water with any remainder funded through Somerset County Council Flood Mitigation grants.


In addition, de-silting work along the watercourse between Middle Road and Locks Way is planned for later this year - also funded through grants.

Flood Mitigation Work

Updated: 30th August 2014

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