Cossington Parish Council

You may have been wondering what is happening with the site of the famous “Big Tree” in the centre of the village. Unfortunately the replacement young elm tree planted struggled in what is now a heavily shaded location and eventually died after a number of attempts to revive it. A decision was therefore made to fell the tree and to explore various other more practical and lasting solutions for the site.


Several replacement trees have previously been planted in this location but none have lasted more than a few years. It has therefore been decided to replace the dead tree with a large engraved stone commemorating the original “Big Tree”. The chosen stone will be a large local blue lias block standing approximately 1.8m out of the ground, having a Portland stone plaque with an elm tree relief carved into it by a local artist and facing out towards the road. The existing stone surround and seating area will be retained.


It is hoped that the new stone and associated artwork will provide a lasting monument to the “Big Tree” at this important focal point within the village. A local resident has kindly offered to pay all the costs involved, with work scheduled for completion towards the end of summer.


It is worth remembering that trees play an important part in giving the village its character - with a high number of mature trees having a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) registered with the Local Authority. We are currently reviewing the TPO situation to ensure we have an up-to-date record of trees that are protected and to establish if there are any other trees in the village that require similar protection.

Remembering the "Big Tree"

31st July 2014

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Artist's impression of how the new monument will look