Cossington Parish Council

Community energy initiatives come in many forms – ranging from promoting simple energy saving ideas to generating electricity and heat from the community’s own facilities.


A resident recently alerted us to the potential benefits of having our own community electricity generation capability. Due to the large sums of money involved and the inherent risk we thought it prudent to investigate further prior to seeking the opinion of the wider community.


A small team has therefore been formed comprising George Terry and Nigel Downing from the Parish Council along with residents Ian Rix and Jenny Hawkins. The team will initially assess if community energy generation could potentially benefit the village– along with the scale and nature of benefits and associate risks.


The team is currently compiling comparative financial projections based on recent live wind and solar community schemes – with input from the brains behind the team that put together the successful Wedmore solar installation and who have a wide range of experience in various aspects of community energy.


If it looks like there could be something of interest for us then there would be comprehensive consultation to gauge community interest and enthusiasm before taking any ideas to a firm proposal stage Watch this space!


If you want to find out more about community energy in general then please refer to the links below:



Community Energy Generation

31st July 2014

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