Cossington Parish Council

The Parish Council website has shown a significant increase in use over the past year. We use the "Moonfruit" software and hosting facility to produce and manage the site. This has worked very well for accessing the site from a PC - but not so well for Smartphones and tablet computers such as iPads.


We have therefore recently converted the site to the latest version of the Moonfruit software which overcomes most of the previous difficulties with mobile devices.


The conversion enables this website to be dispalyed just as it would on a normal PC. However, please be aware that smaller devices such as Smartphones may automatically select an automatically generated mobile version of the site intended for smaller screen sizes. This results in some rather odd formatting in places. However, you can switch to the standard PC view by selecting "View standard version" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


If you are a PC user then the site looks and works much the same as before although there have been some minor cosmetic changes in conversion. If you use mobile devices for web browsing then the site will look a whole lot better

Website Update - Mobile Device Support

Updated: 31st July 2014

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