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Planning Update - Wind Turbine Proposal

Updated: April 2014

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Several people have asked about what is happening with Planning Application 22/13/00011 for a wind turbine at Brookhayes Farm - particularly as it has disappeared from  Sedgemoor District Council's on-line planning system.


Sedgemoor have removed it  from their systems as it does not not comply with an amendment to national planning legislation that came into force on 17th December 2013. This requires full pre-application public consultation to be  carried out prior to any wind turbine application which consists of either:

  • A single turbine with a hub height of over 15 metres

  • More than one turbine of any height


The proposed turbine had a hub height of 37 metres so a pre-application process must be carried out for the application to be considered acceptable.


*** Update: April 2014


The application was resurrected under the same application number. All previous details were the same apart from the addition of a "Statement of Community Involvement" to provide evidence of pre-application public consultation compliance.


The application was refused by Sedgemoor District Council. More details can be found on Sedgemoor District Council's Planning On-Line service.