Cossington Parish Council

E-Mail News Alerts

23rd October 2016

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We have recently launched a new e-mail alerts system where residents who suscribe to the service can be alerted to arising Parish Council news via e-mail.


All other current means of communication (noticeboard, newsletters delivered to each household, etc) will continue as normal.


Initially we have included everyone who put a valid e-mail address on their response to the Community Survey earlier this year.


Subscribing is easy - just send an e-mail with the subject "Subscribe" to [email protected] . It is free and confidential - and you can cancel your subscription at any time.



Don't expect to be bombarded with e-mails from us. However, you will at least get an e-mail about a week before each Parish Council meeting with agenda details - in addition alerts to any significant news items as they arise. We would only include specific planning applications unless they were adjudged to have a wide village interest or potential impact.


We hope you like the new service. The plan is to trial it for around six months prior to a review.