Cossington Parish Council

Local Plan Review - Update

30th January 2016

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We reported on Sedgemoor District Council's Local Plan Review back in November.


Sedgemoor District Council’s Core Strategy covers Development Plans and Policy for the entire district – and is currently in the first stage of consultation of a five-year review. As part of the public consultation process public opinion was sought on particular ideas and options before producing a more detailed draft document around the middle of this year. This first consultation phase closed on 18th January.


In terms of housing across the entire district, Sedgemoor are proposing a high growth strategy -  this being basically equivalent to the level of housing growth over the past few years.


There have been some changes proposed to the development boundary but these are mostly just tidying up the old boundaries to reflect development over the years.


There have also been some changes proposed to the categorisation of settlements - which influences settlement development scope and policy. Cossington has been recommended as a "Type 4" settlement - “a sustainable location for small-scale local growth that meets local needs”. This is very similar to its existing status as an “Other Sustainable Settlement”.


There was also some realignment of the village development boundary proposed along with some new, albeit somewhat vague, ideas on self-build projects.


The next consultation phase is scheduled for around June / July 2016 when a full-blown proposed draft version of the revised Local Plan should be available. Finalisation is not expected until sometime in in 2017. A copy of the Parish Council's consultation response can be found here >>>


More general information about the review can be found at