Cossington Parish Council

Village Community Survey Planned

16th July 2015

The last community survey took place back in 2006 – with the last question asking what would you like to see in Cossington in 2015 to make the village a better place. A lot has happened since then so we will be looking to conduct a new survey around the turn of the year.


The new survey should inform the Parish Council of what residents feel is important for the village’s future - and will help prioritise future initiatives relating to issues such as housing, recreation, transport, employment and other village amenities.


A copy of the results of the 2006 survey can be found by clicking on the link below – although the new one may have quite a different format.


 >>> 2005/2006 VILLAGE SURVEY


Note: Apologies for the poor reproduction - it was taken from an old scanned photocopy

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