Cossington Parish Council

AM  Mon 13th May 2019 (APCM)


AM  Mon 10th June 2019 (M)


PM  Mon 8th July 2019 (M)


----  Mon 9th September 2019 (M)


----  Mon 14th October 2019 (M)


----  Mon 11th November 2019 (M)  


----  Mon 9th December 2019 (M)


----  Mon 10th February 2020 (M)


----  Mon 9th March 2020 (M)


----  Mon 6th April 2020 (APM, SP)

Meeting Schedule 2019/20

KEY:  APCM = Annual Parish Council Meeting, M = Regular Meeting, EM = Extraordinary Meeting, APM = Annual Parish Meeting, SP = Special Meeting


Documents Available:        AG  Agenda             PM   Provisional Minutes             AM   Approved Minutes            -----  No Documents Yet

The schedule of meetings for 2019-2020 is shown here - along with links to download the associated agendas and approved minutes (in .pdf format) when available. Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise stated .


Additional extraordinary meetings may be added as necessary to discuss urgent items such as planning applications requiring a decision before the next meeting.


Minutes to meetings from previous years (starting from May 2011) can be accessed below.

Previous Years


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