Cossington Parish Council

AM  Mon 14th May 2018 (APCM)


AM  Mon 11th June 2018 (M)


AM  Mon 9th July 2018 (M)


AM  Mon 10th September 2018 (M)


PM  Mon 8th October 2018 (M)


AG  Mon 12th November 2018 (M)  


----  Mon 10th December 2018 (M)


----  Mon 11th February 2019 (M)


----  Mon 11th March 2019 (M)


----  Mon 8th April 2019 (APM, SP)

Meeting Schedule 2018/19

KEY:  APCM = Annual Parish Council Meeting, M = Regular Meeting, EM = Extraordinary Meeting, APM = Annual Parish Meeting, SP = Special Meeting


Documents Available:        AG  Agenda             PM   Provisional Minutes             AM   Approved Minutes            -----  No Documents Yet

The schedule of meetings for 2018-2019 is shown here - along with links to download the associated agendas and approved minutes (in .pdf format) when available. Meetings start at 7:30 p.m. unless otherwise stated .


Additional extraordinary meetings may be added as necessary to discuss urgent items such as planning applications requiring a decision before the next meeting.


Minutes to meetings from previous years (starting from May 2011) can be accessed below.

Previous Years